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Military Anthems

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Military Anthems
By: Traditional
UPC: 614187308028
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$12.98 $12.72 Compact Disc

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Brief Description

Performance Track
Without Background Vocals

Track Listing & Samples
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               Full Track Download $13.98   buy FULL  
        1.  Military Anthem Medley - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        2.  Military Anthem Medley - Track without BGV’s $6.98   buy MP3  
        3.  Marine’s Hymn - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        4.  Marine’s Hymn - Track without BGV's $6.98   buy MP3  
        5.  Caissons Go Rolling (Army) - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        6.  Caissons Go Rolling (Army) - Track without BGV's $6.98   buy MP3  
        7.  Anchors Aweigh (Navy) - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        8.  Anchors Aweigh (Navy) - Track without BGV's $6.98   buy MP3  
        9.  Semper Paratus (Coast Guard) - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        10.  Semper Paratus - Track without BGV’s $6.98   buy MP3  
        11.  Wild Blue Yonder (Air Force) - Vocal Demonstration $0.99   buy MP3  
        12.  Wild Blue Yonder - Track without BGV’s $6.98   buy MP3  

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Original Tracks from the patriotic CD, “An Honor To Serve”. Includes: Marine’s Hymn, Caissons Go Rolling (Army), Anchors Aweigh (Navy), Wild Blue Yonder (Air Force), Semper Paratus (Coast Guard), and Military Anthems Medley (includes chorus of each milit

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